A Theory Of Everything

I combine General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics,

The latter can seem spooky and eerie,

You need me to explain all physical aspects of your Universe,

Because I am the all-encompassing master theory.

Until my unification has been discovered,

You will have no explanation,

As to what happened in the first moments,

Of your Universe’s creation.

Quantum Mechanics describes,

The behaviour of your sub-microscopic world,

And Einstein’s theory of General Relativity explains,

The gravitational pull in which you are held.

Mass warps the fabric of spacetime,

So, Relativity says gravity is not a force at all,

But you wonder if it can be quantised,

On a scale that is infinitesimally small.

Bridging the gap between gravity and the forces of nature,

Would give physicists satisfaction,

I am a set of fundamental principles,

Unifying gravity with the electronuclear interaction.

I can explain all physical phenomena,

With a much deeper understanding,

Of how Weak and Strong forces merge,

Providing you with a Theory Of Everything.

I am the part of your Universe,

That keeps secrets locked away,

But perhaps scientists will find the answers,

That you are hoping for some day.